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Deli Platter:  Roast Beef, Corned Beef, Ham, Roast Turkey & Salami
Swiss, Provolone & American Cheese
Tray Lettuce & Tomato
Breads & Rolls
Pasta Salad or Potato Salad or Cole Slaw
Half Sour Pickles

Platters & Salads

New York Deli Lunches

Deli Lunch $11.95pp

Antipasto $8.95pp
  (American Style) Lettuce, Ham, Genoa Salami, Provolone Cheese, Tomatoes, Chick Peas, Pepperoncini, and Black Olives 

Caesar Salad $4.95pp
Romaine Lettuce, Fresh Baked Croutons, Freshly Grated Parmesan Cheese, and Cracked Black Pepper

Cobb Salad $5.95
Iceberg lettuce, Romaine lettuce Chopped, Tomatoes, Avocado,

Cucumbers, Peppers, Bermuda Onions, Bacon, Hard Boiled Eggs &
 Blue Cheese with a Vinaigrette dressing add Fried Chicken, Steak or Shrimp for $4.50 extra   

Corn Salad $4.95pp
Corn, Black Beans, Cilantro, Red Peppers, Jalapeno 

Greek Salad $4.95pp
Romaine Lettuce, Feta Cheese, Greek Olives, Tomato, Cucumber, Onions & Greek Dressing

House Tossed $4.50pp
Mixed Greens, Tomato, Cucumber, Peppers, Onions & Julienne’s of Carrot

Choice of House Dressings

Israeli Salad $4.95pp
Chopped Red, Orange, Yellow & Green Peppers, Cucumber,  Tomato & Onion in a Vinaigrette

Mesclun Salad $4.95pp 
Mesclun Greens, Crumbled Blue Cheese, Cucumber, Grape Tomato, Cranberries, Candy Pecans & Balsamic Vinaigrette or Mesclun Greens, Cucumber, Feta Cheese,  Golden 
Raisins, Pine Nuts Tomatoes & Basil 

Caprese Salad $4.95pp
Layers of Sliced Tomatoes, Buffalo Mozzarella & Basil 
with a Balsamic Reduction  

Tomato, Cucumber, Feta & Black Olive Salad $4.95pp
Heirloom Tomatoes Sliced Thick topped with 
Crumbled Blue Cheese, Chopped Red Onions & Balsamic Reduction    

Mexican Salad $4.95pp
With Corn, Black Beans, Red Pepper, Cilantro & Tortilla Strips
add Grilled Chicken or Ground Beef $4.50pp extra 
Add London Broil for $2.75pp extra

Spinach Salad $5.95pp
 Spinach, Tomato, Onion, Chopped Bacon, Crumbled Egg and Sliced Mushrooms

Waldorf Salad $4.95pp
 Chopped Celery, Raisins, Apple Chunks, Walnuts, and Mayonnaise.

Deli Deluxe Lunch $16.95pp

Deli Platter:  Roast Beef, Corned Beef, Ham, Roast Turkey & Salami
Swiss, Provolone, American & Munster Cheese
Tray Lettuce & Tomato
Breads & Rolls
Assorted Finger Sandwiches
Tuna, Chicken Salad & Seafood Salad
Pasta Salad
Red Bliss Potato Salad
Color Burst Cole Slaw
(choose two of the three salads from above)
Half Sour Pickles